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3 Tips for Restyling your Wardrobe with Custom Clothing Buttons

3 Tips for Restyling Your Wardrobe

Fashionistas have asked us, "I want to restyle my wardrobe and I've heard that custom clothing buttons are key. Can you give me the lowdown?" We are so glad you asked us this question! It's one that is on the minds of nearly every customer who visits our online button store. In every other area of your life, you're following frugal, sustainable practices because you're a clever, fabulous fashionista.

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Coat Buttons Gave Us a Girl Crush on Fashion Blogger Chiara Ferragni

Fashionistas have asked us, "I'm completely obsessed with fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni's coat buttons in this picture. How can I get her look?" We have a major girl crush on fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni! We follow her on Pinterest and covet her eclectic looks. We know precisely the coat buttons you're talking about, and our Button Avenue divas can help you get that look.

Get the Look

When emulating your favorite fashion blogger, always remain true to yourself. We are all beautifully unique, stone-cold foxes in our own right. Not all looks are created equal on our bodies, and that's okay. Before you throw away all of your clothes and replace them with Chiara's, see what you might already have in your closet that matches her wardrobe.

The look we're focusing on today is a natural colored trench coat with dark buttons. Look to see if you have something similar that we can restyle to look like Chiara's. We can create a complementary look with any light-colored jacket, pea coat, blazer, poncho or similarly cut outerwear that has lapels. It doesn’t even have to have jacket buttons. We're going to add them!

Buttons Ideas

Those exceptional buttons are really making Chiara's look. This is a perfect example of how an elegant set of jacket buttons can really define your style. It's the equivalent of adding magnificent mink lashes to already beautiful eyes, which incidentally, Chiara is working like a rock star in this look too.

Here are a few brilliant coat buttons to choose from as you cultivate this winning fashion look:
Stay In Your Lane: This brown beauty is as bold as dark chocolate. It has concentric circles to give depth even in its darkness. It draws you in and makes you want to reach out and touch its smooth shape.
Class Act: This polished eye-catcher is confidently cool in its simplicity. It's a slightly domed 4-hole button with great curve. This is a refined look you can own with confidence and grace.
On The Edge: These decorative buttons for clothing have an intricately etched border that's hand-carved. They have a raised center with an indentation for the buttonholes. This is an excellent choice for you if you want to soften the look of your outerwear.  
Tailor Made: This option has an etched border around one of the interior rims. It's kind of a mash-up between the softness of the On The Edge look and the boldness of the Stay In Your Lane look. When it comes to finding chic buttons for jackets, these are the best of both worlds.
Full Potential: This is the darkest selection by far, for those of you who love a little intrigue. Adding these to a trench coat will transform it into a power jacket with a hint of mystery. We love the tiny, almost hidden buttonholes.

Those are just a few of the buttons that will give you Chiara Ferragni's stylish look. If you're working with a trench, replace the coat buttons with one of the above selections. If your starting look doesn't already have buttons, add them in a layered, vertical pattern to simulate a trench effect.

Find all of the above coat buttons for sale in our Button Avenue boutique here on our website. Special thanks to Chiara Ferragni for her scintillating fashion inspiration!

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5 Ways Designer Sewing Buttons Bring Your Favorite Old White Button-Down Shirt Back To Life

Fashionistas have asked us, "I was going to donate this old white button-down shirt, but maybe there's a way to revive it with designer sewing buttons?" Operation Save That Old White Button-Down Shirt is in effect. Why throw away a perfectly good shirt when you can bring it back to life with designer buttons for clothing? Our Button Avenue craft divas are up for the challenge!


Is that old white shirt you like wearing to work starting to look a little tired? Remove its outdated buttons and replace them with new … mismatched ones. For a funky new look, mix up to three sizes and styles of designer buttons for clothing. Imagine this Rich And Famous brass shank, vintage feel Ready For Your Close-Up shank, and hexagonal horn Raw Talent shank interchanged. We like to lay out the shirt on a flat surface and sample different button arrangements (e.g. big, small, big; small, small, big, big; etc.) before we sew them on. There are an infinite number of arrangements and all will add surprising new energy to your shirt.



You're totally attached to your favorite white button-down but it needs a pick-me-up. Does it have collar-stay buttons? Replace them or add some new designer sewing buttons. Just a few will do, unless you want to go full Western bedazzle, which is awesome if that's your style! We suggest buttons that are all the same or very close in color and size. We're Obsessed with this ornate beauty. Arrange them in an intriguing pattern reminiscent of a constellation of bright stars to give that old shirt renewed radiance.



The shoulders of a shirt have massive design potential. We're using the term epaulettes to define the general area to embellish. Here you will want to go for subtle versus splashy, unless you're going for a military flair. For this concept, we love a sprinkling of translucent flower Clearly Inspired designer buttons for clothing. The completed look reminds us of elegant lace adorning the shoulder.


Cuff Links

Is it your ex's button-down that you've adopted as your own? Time to really make it your own. Remove the old cuff buttons and jewel the entire cuffs with tiny gold dome designer clothing buttons like this Style Necessity. That extra sparkle around your wrists will resuscitate your old white shirt from stale to swanky.


Back Cutout

This is by far the most adventurous of our ideas. Some sewing skill is required, but the final look is worth the work. Cut a 5-inch circle from the center of the back of your old shirt. Sew a buttonhole stitch around the hole to keep it from unraveling. Embellish the hole with designer fashion buttons around the entire diameter. These carved bone Will You Accept This Rose? garment buttons create a cameo effect showcasing your gorgeous back like a Monet painting. We're bringing sexy buttons back!

Bring your old white shirts back to life with designer sewing buttons from the Button Avenue boutique here on our website. And enjoy your summer even more!

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Clothing Buttons for Your DIY Project

The Hot List

Fashionistas have asked us, "What are the top 5 tips for choosing the best clothing buttons for your DIY project?" Your wish is our command. Relax and read how the fashion-savvy craft divas at Button Avenue suggest you select your buttons online.

These top 5 tips will have you nodding an “mmm-hmmm.” Clothing buttons should be selected in this absolutely genius order:

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7 Magic Ways Custom Clothing Buttons Can Give Your Wardrobe Pop & Pizazz

Fashionistas have asked us, "How can I maximize custom clothing buttons to make my staple wardrobe items pop?" We're big fans of fashion staples that can be interwoven to design a dynamite personal wardrobe. However, staple clothing that can be easily matched with anything is, by definition, stuck in total Plain Jane mode. Luckily, you can maximize buttons to give your wardrobe more pizazz! We asked our Button Avenue sewing divas to share seven ways they work wardrobe magic using custom made buttons for clothes.

Black Pants

Gotta have an amazingly tailored pair of black pants. Not too casual, not too tight, not too dressy, just right—especially when you add the right custom made buttons for clothes. Change out the waist button from something common to something captivating with this sunny, brass shank Golden Girl.

Designer Jeans

Definitely need a rockin' pair of designer jeans that rep the latest trend. Skinny legs are still in, but we're holding out hope for a 70s bell comeback. Ready to make them pop? It's astonishing how jeans can flip from functional to fly just by changing out the waist snap with these impressive oval, hand carved horn Read Between The Lines custom clothing buttons.

Casual Shirt

Another must-have wardrobe staple is a casual shirt. Think pullover tops in this season's choicest reds, blues, greens and yellows. Sew a button at the neckline near the shoulder, or one button on each hip at the bottom hem for adorable pizazz. For this approach, we love the fresh, natural look of these carved bone Bull's Eye custom-made clothing buttons.

Dressy Shirt

As a counterbalance to your casual shirt, get a dress shirt too. We recommend something loose and luscious in a light color. Add a pop of richness with fancy tortoise or plaid-patterned custom sewing buttons like our Oxford and Columbia.

Casual Dress

Bottoms? Check. Tops? Check. Now on to dresses. Find a casual dress that's comfortable and lightweight. Take this opportunity to add more color and potentially a pattern to your wardrobe that you can enhance with buttons. This Playful Style shank has a floral shape with an essence of spring and summer cheer.

Dressy Dress

As a counterbalance to your casual dress, get a dressy one too. We're picturing something above the knee with a tantalizing fit in black, white or silver. Add a charming pop with these enchanting Effortless Chic floral buttons in a vertical row of four or five at the small of your back.

The Perfect Jacket

And finally, the piece de la deliciousness, the perfect jacket. It should land somewhere squarely between dressy and casual. A jean jacket? Too casual. A velvet bolero? Too dressy. An ultra-thin suede moto? Jackpot. Experiment with neutral colors that complement your plain tops and bottoms. And for the buttons, get Fearless pizazz!

Abracadabra! Your wardrobe will go from mundane to magical when you buy buttons online in our Button Avenue boutique. Find all of your favorite custom clothing buttons mentioned above right here on our website.

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7 Ways to Make Waves with Unusual Buttons at the Beach

Fashionistas have asked us, "Can you give me some tips for embellishing bathing suits with unusual buttons?" Oh, ma cherie, summer is here and you want to show off your buttoning skills at the beach? Follow our lead and your bathing suits will go from beach bum to bombshell. Let's count down 7 of our Button Avenue button shop divas' favorite ways to make waves with unusual buttons at the beach.

#7 Flower Power

Coming in at #7 is a sweet look. Girly, flowered bikinis will always be in style. Give them new life by adding our Flower Power novelty buttons for clothing. Stitch these ebony gems somewhere visible to draw the eye of passersby, like where the straps meet the cups. We see you, woman!

#6 Drama Queen

Coming in at #6 is a suave look. Planning to command attention in a lethal black one-piece? Dazzle the boys playing volleyball with something shiny. Our luxe unusual buttons dubbed Drama Queen will surely let you have your way, Ms. Thang. They're made from metal and horn for killer gorgeousness. We suggest sewing three or four at one hip across the top curve of the leg hole. Scandal!

#5 Anchors Aweigh

Coming in at #5 is a body-loving look. Sporty swimwear is in with tankinis and bralettes making a strong comeback. These slick suits are reminiscent of scuba gear with strong lines in neoprene. Spice them up with a nautical themed button like our handcrafted Anchors Aweigh shank. Add them at the crisscross of a racerback or on the front hip section like an insignia.

#4 Tarzan

Coming in at #4 is a sexy look. We expect the daring among you plan to turn heads in a naughty string bikini or thong? Add one of our Tarzan large decorative buttons front and center on your top for a wild attention-getter. Splish and splash and shake what your momma gave you!

#3 Runway Evolution

Coming in at #3 is a flawless look. Stripes are on-trend for 2015. Yes, black & white bandeau tops and ruched bottoms will be making a statement. It's best to pair this bold look with something like our Runway Evolution button. For this look, we love placing these unusual buttons on the back of the bandeau top. You can also add one on the back top of the bottoms as a faux closure.

#2 Magical

Coming in at #2 is a darling look. For our precious belles who plan to wear figure-flattering, full-coverage suits, we have just the thing. Make magic happen with our Magical buttons attached in strategic places like at the hems of ruffles and gathers. They'll also draw an admirer or two near your bosom. *blush*

#1 Aloha, Honey

And coming in at #1 are the most sensationally beachy, large decorative buttons of them all. The buttons to end all bathing suit buttons that you can pair with any suit in your wardrobe. Aloha!

Summer will be here and gone before you can blink. Seize this moment to make a splash with unusual buttons added to your bathing suits. Browse the Button Avenue boutique here on our website for a beach-worthy array of unique buttons for sale.

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5 Totally Genius Girls' Night Decorative Button Crafts

Decorative ButtonsFashionistas have asked us, "Can you suggest some decorative button craft ideas for my monthly girls' night?" Craft nights are the bomb! We strongly believe that getting together with your girlfriends to express yourselves creatively is good for the heart and mind. We asked our Button Avenue craft divas to share 5 totally genius projects that are centered around fabulous decorative clothing buttons. Call the girls and let them know you got the goods!

Decorative Button Bookmarks

If you're like us you've got craft night every month with one circle of friends and a book club with another. Luckily, our first craft idea marries the two. Bookmarks are a cinch to make using clothes buttons and colored paperclips. Simply affix the button to the top of the paperclip and slide it on a book page to mark your spot. Have a little fun by matching your button style to the genre of book. Imagine this Head-Turning Accent skull button saving your place in a hair-raising thriller, or this Rosy Tiara button holding down the page of a steamy love story.

 Decorative Button Gift Tags

Another plus of craft night is you often make enough goodies to give away as presents. We'll do you one better by sharing this trick for making gift tags that go with everything. Cut a tag shape out of printed card stock. Poke a small hole at the top and thread a beautiful piece of ribbon through it. Thread a button onto the ribbon and tie it in place leaving a length of ribbon remaining to attach your tag to your gifts. Voila! Pretty clothes buttons like our Natural Beauty made from concha may receive more oohs and ahhs than the gift itself. This Offbeat Accent plaid brass button charmer will also work wonderfully for this project.

Decorative Button Cuff Bracelets

We're head over heels in love with this button cuff bracelet idea. Stitch the edges of a rectangular piece of burlap-type fabric. Sew strips of lace or bits of crochet fabric as another layer on top. Add a button loop closure to one end and your favorite clothing button to the other. The boho chic of our Coachella button fits this craft design to a tee. Another bohemian beauty that will work well is this Free Spirit button.

Decorative Button Hairpins

Having a few hairpins on hand will save you from a bad hair day. And these decorative hairpins are cute as a … button. Heehee. It's a cinch to affix bobby pins to lovely clothing buttons like this delightful Clearly Inspired jewel, and this joyful J'adore button.

Decorative Button Refrigerator Magnets

Last but not least is our handy refrigerator magnet craft project. Did we mention that one-step craft ideas are awesome!? For this one you just hot glue a round magnet to the back of your favorite button. Shop for buttons that are big and bright like this North Star design.

We hope you and your besties love these craft ideas. Find all of the above mentioned clothes buttons right here in our website's Button Avenue boutique. Have fun!

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The 3 Stages of a Button Trim Fanatic

Fashionistas have asked us, "Help! I think I might be a button trim fanatic. Is there such a thing?" Yes, there are quite a few babes in the world who go bananas for buttons. We proudly count ourselves among this cool circle of notions nuts. Why? Because buttons are crazy cute! Here are 3 stages of becoming a button trim fanatic as identified by our Button Avenue craft divas.

 Button Fanatic

Stage 1: Curious…

One fine day a button pops off your favorite coat. You've always been curious about notions, and how designers skillfully select buttons. A search for coat buttons for sale brings you to the Button Avenue website where you discover The Blues - a gorgeous robin's egg button.

The button is bright and stylish and you can't take your eyes off of it. You envision your coat bedazzled with these blue bombshells and it gives you a giddy feeling. You never realized that buying buttons for sale could reward you with something so exquisite. You end up getting a full set … but that's all for the time being.


Stage 2: Gaining Attention for Wearing Buttons & Loving It

You're rocking your favorite coat, and friends and strangers keep marveling at the itsy bitsy brilliance of your button trim. You find yourself back on the Button Avenue website browsing other sewing buttons for sale. After all, you do have that pair of white linen pants that needs a couple new buttons. You find the Luxurious Detail and it's love at first sight. You pick up a set.

You swear you've worn those linen pants 80 times and no one's blinked. All of a sudden, everyone's asking, "Where did you get those???" You feel like a superstar and it's all because of a few beautiful buttons for sale that took you 5 minutes to sew on. Who knew that fashion traffic-stoppers could be made with tiny adjustments to button trim? You head back to the Button Avenue online store….


Stage 3: Buttons … Buttons … EVERYWHERE!

Now it's just crazy. Crazy beautiful! You buy buttons online at Button Avenue at least once a week. You're adding buttons to everything you can get your hands on. You've added an Anchors Aweigh shank to the middle of your bikini top because - CUTENESS. You've switched out the snap on your purse with an Eclectic Take because - GORGEOUSNESS. You've added Heritage Inspiration to your go-to pair of jeans. There are buttons, buttons, everywhere!

Congratulations, you are officially an insanely awesome button trim fanatic. Luckily, we have everything you need to satisfy your addiction right here in our Button Avenue online store. Feel free to indulge your passion!

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From Humdrum to Hot—How an Awful Outfit Was Saved by Garment Buttons

Fashionistas have asked us, "I have the world's most hideous outfit that I must wear for work. I can change the garment buttons but nothing else. Can you help me?" Buttons to the rescue! The miracle workers at Button Avenue can transform any awful outfit from humdrum to hot. Here are 8 hot-to-trot clothes buttons that are capable of working magic:

Hot Buttons

I Want Candy

Even the name makes you stop and stare. When you add I Want Candy clothes buttons to your outfit, your co-workers will be drooling. They come in shiny brass or antique nickel, and they look like yummy cinnamon buns!


The fact that they come in hot pink is just one reason why our Hopscotch garment buttons made the list. These cheeky pink standouts are youthful and sassy. Add them to your humdrum work outfit and lo and behold, your co-workers might develop a crush on you!

Irish Pop

Kiss me, I'm Irish Pop! These sterling green dot shanks are hot, momma! Upgrade your tired work attire with them, and you will surely send your co-workers into an Erin go Bragh whirlwind.

Private School

Do girls who went to private school have more fun? We'll see when you sport these Private School buttons for clothing to your workplace. The punk-rock plaid pattern adds the right touch of naughty and nice to any ho-hum uniform.

Put a Brass Ring On It

They'll be calling you wifey when you waltz down the hall wearing these Put a Brass Ring On It designer buttons for clothing. They are oh-so-feminine and look like yummy drops of cream and honey. Take that, boring work suit!

Spring Fling

Planning to have a spring fling with someone at the office? Our lips are sealed. Mmmhmmm, sparks will be flying when you rock these Spring Fling garment buttons. They feature blossoming flowers carved in bone, and are simply luminous.

Stud Muffin

There's nothing dreary about these Stud Muffin embellishments. They are literally studs fashioned from brass. Dial up the sexiness by adding these as accents in all the right places. Hot!

Summer of Love

Love is in the air with these Summer of Love clothes buttons. The paisley swirls look like two lovers locked in a steamy embrace. Break a few hearts, add some sizzle to your work look, and maybe find "the one"!

Shop buttons like these right here on our Button Avenue website. These hotties and other garment buttons are waiting to be discovered by you. Check 'em out. Bye-bye awful, humdrum outfits. Hello, hot new you!


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